Infants 1 to 18 months

Our main focus is interactive play and nurturing your baby right from the beginning.  Our care takers bond with our babies connecting during feeding, play and naptime.  Maintaining a small-teacher/child ratio allows each infant to have individual and bonding time without interruptions. All babies have their own individual cribs, personal toys and parents receive a daily communication log providing you with detailed information about your child’s day (i.e. feeding, diapering, napping).  Our Highscope Curriculum is encorporated in our infant classroom and daily lesson individualized for each infant similarly to their individual feeding, napping and floortime schedule.

Our program includes stories, finger play and songs for the day as well as various activities like floor/tummy time, large/small muscle development, sensory activities, stories finger- plays to promote language, social and emotional growth development.  Our infants are introduced to various outings including the South Orange Library, neighborhood walks and Music Enrichment.  The use of soothing and calming music to help support an easy transition for napping.  

As we help our families during this sensitive transition, our goal is to communicate so that we are consistent at all times, whether in your home or in the classroom.  We also encourage our parents to join us for a visit during this time so that you are comfortable and trust that our program is meeting your child's specific needs.

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