2-1/2 years to 3-1/2 years

Our preschool program consist of a low teacher to children ratio from years 2 1/2 years of age and up.  We focus on all developmental aspects of the individual child while encouraging self-help skills.  Although play is centered our daily activities, our HighScope Curriculum encourages scaffolding, discovery and mastery of various skills such as social, cognitive, fine and gross motor, language and communication development  

All of our preschoolers work on various concepts, including alphabets (Word/Letter links); Math Concepts/Sequencing, Literature (Scholastics AudioBooks and Journaling). Visual, Perforning Arts and Music are part of our daily activities and our program continues to offer music enrichment with Music Preludes, Language Workshop with Professeur Toto (French), annual school trips to SOPAC, South Orange Public Library, local farms and other child friendly venues.

Our curriculum prepares our preschoolers to the next level for prekindergarten while they continue to master various social skills with more independence. Our parents are encouraged to continue their involvement with our preschoolers as well with Family Storytime and Volunteerism. By the time our preschoolers transiition to prekindergaren, they are well prepared and enthusiastic to be big boys and girls.  

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