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Toddlers 18 month to 2 years 

Our toddler’s program is an extension of what we offer the infants using our HighScope Curriculum.  During their transition from the infant classroom to the toddlers' classroom, they are beginning to explore all that the world has to offer.  As we continue to nurture them, the emphasis is on language development, color/letter/number exploration and discoveries.

Our teachers continue that bonding experience with our toddlers.  The various activities encourage every child's fine and gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, sensory activities, as well as music and stories.  We begin to promote and assist with a structured daily routine with morning activities, free choice, small group activities(music/movement), arts/crafts as well as various tabletop activities.   

Our programs helps assist your child (with support of parent and child's individual readiness) with the concept of (self-feeding, potty-training, etc..) so that they have reached their own milestones at their own individual and developmental pace with confidence.    Our toddlers' program also include Music Enrichment, Language Workshop with Professeur Toto (French).  Our toddlers are introduced to the various community outings to the South Orange Library, SOPAC, South Orange Park, etc.

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